Writer’s Guidelines

Stepping Stones Magazine is a web-based journal showcasing poetry, short fiction, visual and audio art by artists of all skill levels. Whether you’re an author, who publishes regularly, or new to the craft, this is the place for you. Our address is: http://ssmalmia.com

While Stepping Stones strives to be a place for new and established artists to experiment with their craft, acceptance is not automatic. If your work appears in our magazine, then it deserves to be here.

What we accept

Poetry (to 100 lines) appearing in Stepping Stones is as diverse as the authors composing them. Poems should have something to say besides, “Hi, I’m a poem, publish me.” Send no more than five poems per submission.

Fiction (to 4,000 words) should be able to hold the reader’s interest in the first paragraph and sustain that interest throughout the rest of the story. Please send no more than three stories per submission.

Nonfiction (to 2,000 words) can be in the form of a personal essay, memoir or creative nonfiction. We also accept articles on the craft of writing. Writing-related articles can range from reviewing software of interest to writers, discussing writing techniques, or a narrative on your thoughts about being a writer. All nonfiction manuscripts should sustain the reader’s interest from beginning to end. Please send no more than three manuscripts per submission.

Visual art can include photographs, drawings, paintings and short films. These pieces should hold true to the idea that a picture is worth a thousand words. Submitted art should have something to say to the viewer. If there is something about the piece that resonates with you, chances are it will resonate with us. Send no more than five pieces of art per submission.

Audio art, in the form of spoken word, song or other reading, should have feeling behind it. Unlike the written word, your voice — instead of our imaginations — is the guide through the material. Let us feel what you feel when reading the work.

* Work that promotes intolerance or hate will not be accepted.

Manuscript Format: Printed manuscripts should use a clean font. Examples are Times New Roman, Courier or Verdana. Double space your manuscript and save in TXT, RTF, DOC or DOCX formats. Include your email address if you would like a response by email. Enclose a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope), if you want your submission returned. Our mailing address is: Stepping Stones Magazine | Post Office Box 902 | Norristown, PA 19404-0902.

Audio manuscripts: Spoken word audio should be formatted as 64 kbps bitrate MP3 file. Music should be formatted as a 96kbps MP3. Include your name and the title of the work with your submission. Material can be mailed on CD or (if size permits) emailed as an attachment.

Video manuscripts: Please email art@ssmalmia.com. with a link to your short movie, spoken word performance, reading or other video submission. Postal submissions should be on a CD.

*Attach electronic submissions to your email and send to the following addresses:

Update: You can now submit directly to our site using this link.

Very Important: Please submit a short (3-5 sentence) bio about yourself. Readers want to know about the authors and artists appearing on the site. Introduce yourselves to your new fans. Include your website, Twitter, Facebook or Google+ URL, to connect with readers, if you like.

Due to the backlog of acceptances, we have modified our publishing schedule. If we accept your work for publication, it will appear on our website within 3-6 months from the date of acceptance. While the fastest way to find out when your work is published is to join us on Twitter or Facebook, the publisher will notify you the week your submission goes live if you provided an email address.

If you have not heard from us after the above mentioned time, please send us a not at pubstatus@ssmalmia.com and we will get back to you with a tentative publishing date.

We publish work under One-time Electronic Rights. All other rights revert to the author. We accept simultaneous and reprint submissions. Please notify us if either situation applies.

*Archives remain on our website indefinitely. Please notify us in writing if you would like your material removed for any reason and we will comply immediately.

Payment: Stepping Stones Magazine is a labor of love and is presently unable to offer payment. We hope to change that sooner rather than later.

rev 03/16